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Built to last generations.


The skull for generations has been a symbol of death.
But for us, death is not the end.
It is simply the next chapter in our story.
A moment of change, transformation and growth.
This is our reincarnation.

The most complex single piece of sapphire in watchmaking - a sapphire skull with more edges and facets than a brilliant-cut diamond - is suspended over our first Swiss-made open work tourbillon: the GT-01S.

A true
piece in any

Our story begins logically - with a question: why do most skull watches on the market sacrifice their design to the limitations of their movement and case?

It's as if the makers decided to add a skull to an existing movement base and case- creating their art within limitations. The skull becomes a compromise. Holes are cut in the head, or its mouth is disconnected - They restrict the expression of their art due to the limitations set by their approach.

We wanted to make a timepiece built entirely around the skull - a single piece skull with depth and character that defined its movement and case. Not only that - we wanted to showcase our superior skill in crafting with one of the most challenging materials to work with in the world - pure Sapphire.

The Sapphire Skull,
more complex than
a brilliant-cut diamond

Invisibly suspended over our first Swiss-made open work tourbillon is an industry-first, cementing Aventi as masters of Sapphire - the Sapphire Skull. It takes over 500 hours to produce a single skull and one mistake, smaller than a human hair, is enough to shatter everything. We spoke with master gem cutters worldwide and they all said it wasn’t possible; we proved them wrong.

To put it in perspective, a brilliant-cut diamond is considered one of the most complex diamonds to cut. It has 58 facets. Our skull has 160 facets and is as thick as a grain of rice. As there were no gem cutters that could cut what we wanted from a single piece of Sapphire - we took action ourselves. We used our experience in CNC machining Sapphire, hand polishing, and watchmaking to do something they thought impossible. After more than one year of trial and failure, we proved the gem cutters wrong. As a result, it is the most stunning Sapphire Skull in the watch industry.

  • · 100% pure sapphire
  • · 160 facets 200 edges
  • · 2.3mm thick
  • · 14 layers of blue anti-reflective coating
Titanium case hand
polished to perfection

Each piece is housed in a grade 5 titanium case. Cut and polished like a gem - every facet reflects the light with incredible brilliance.  Over two weeks, a single craftsman works from fine sandpaper to wax and lambswool to perfect each facet of the case individually. A mirror titanium case that truly makes a statement.

Grade 5 titanium is a lightweight, highly corrosion and scratch resistant, biocompatible titanium alloy used in aircraft turbines, aerospace, and of course, supercars. With grade 5 titanium, we’ve put the strength and style of a supercar on your wrist.

  • · 49mmx44mm wears like a 41mm watch
  • · Grade 5 titanium, polished to a mirror finish
  • · 14.8mm thick
The perfect frame for
the most complex
piece of sapphire
on the market

The dial of the A13 not only does not obstruct the view of the sapphire skull, it enhances it - the Matte black DLC acting as a frame for the sapphire skull floating in the mirror titanium case. Bordered with Swiss-made BGW9 Super- LumiNova.

Each dial is hydrallic pressed from a sheet of 0.8mm thick brass using a custom made mould, CNC machined in house. At least ten dials are produced per watch, each inspected under a microscope. Finding a dial that has been cut with perfectly straight lines and no warping from heat transfer is a very time-consuming but crucial process.

  • · Hydrallic pressered brass, 0.8mm thick
  • · Coated in DLC, a deep black finish forever
more accurate
than a

Our openwork tourbillon is built on the shoulders of giants. A tourbillon more efficient and robust than ever before. We didn’t build this movement alone; we partnered with pillars of accuracy and watchmaking with centuries of experience. Masters in the heart of Switzerland crafted every component of this engine. Our partners include companies such as; Atokolpa, Generale Ressorts and  TEC Ebauches, the same companies who have worked with Audemars Piguet, Richard Mille and now Aventi.

A movement built
to last generations

63 components are mounted in the grade 5 titanium main plate compared to a traditional tourbillon with more than 300 possible points of failure. Finished to a level in line with the best and guaranteed perfection through a quality control process like nothing our partners had seen before. Every edge bevelled and polished, every facet covered in intricate perlage, protected by a medical- grade black carbon coating. The final touch, a natural pigeon blood ruby, handset into the eye of the skull.

  • · More accurate than a chronometer, +/-4 secs a day
  • · Over 4 days of power reserve from a single barrel
  • · 5000 g shock resistance, 2000 gauss magnetic resistant
  • · Grade 5 titanium
  • · All edges bevelled and polished, covered in perlage
  • · Protected by a medical-grade carbon coating

Featuring a brand new case size, a Swiss Tourbillon, the best materials available and a design that has been scrutinized, checked and perfected with details beyond reason.

A watch
you likely
will never see.
by application
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The rarest hands on
any watch ever made

Most hands are made from processed metals but rarely gems. To match the skull centrepiece's complexity and brilliance, we developed our own sapphire hands. Every facet and edge is hand polished to perfection - with a thickness of 0.3mm. No traditional hand makers can produce these hands, only masters of Sapphire.

  • · Pure Sapphire crystal
  • · 0.3mm thick
  • · Bordered with BGW9 Super-LumiNova
A hidden gem handset
pigeon blood ruby

Each Aventi A13 has an IGI tested natural Pigeon blood ruby handset into the grade 5 titanium case. Reflecting the movement jewel of the barrel, they act as the two glowing eyes of the skull.

Pigeon blood rubies are the most sought after and precious rubies in the world, famed for their deep red colour and faint purple hue when filled with light. Each stone is handpicked for colour and clarity; rubies are rarely seen in watchmaking; pigeon blood rubies are unheard of. One of the rarest gems in the world, handset into your movement.

  • · The rarest ruby in the world
  • · IGI tested
  • · Handset within the movement
Titanium crown
precision machined
for superior control

The crown is the key component in the ritual of winding your watch, taking a moment to feel every tactile click in the movement as you breathe 4 days of power into its barrel.

Each crown is produced in solid Grade 5 titanium and polished by hand to a perfect mirror finish. To preserve water resistance, tolerances are critical, with each crown crafted with a tolerance of 0.01mm. After all 47 facets of the crown have been machined, a 1.2mm Crown stem is inserted into the bottom and fitted with a 0.4mm O-ring for water resistance of 50 meters. The shining gem on the top of the crown is a 0.2mm deep recessed channel filled with two layers of Swiss BGW9 Super-LumiNova, protected by a layer of hard coat.

  • · 47 facets in grade 5 titanium
  • · Hand injected recessed lume
Custom case
retention screws

Every screw is machined to a size of 2.5mm to 3.4mm; then, each screw head is pressed on a hydraulic press using a custom-made mould. We can achieve a perfect imprint with the hydraulic press by applying an astronomical pressure to such a small surface.

The individual screws are then inspected and polished before being moved to assembly, where they will be fastened and torqued to ensure an airtight seal within the case. Finally, each screw is individually placed into the watch and tightened to a specific torque rating to ensure the security of your piece.

  • · Proprietary screw heads
  • · 304L stainless steel
Sapphire crystal
with 14 layers of
anti-reflective coating

The unique design of the Aventi range and our drive for perfection means every piece of sapphire crystal for the front and back of the watch needs to be custom cut in house. To ensure that the perfect case seal is achieved, ten individual edges need to be machined from 1.8mm thick Sapphire crystal within a tolerance of 0.02mm.

Not content with a single layer of anti-reflective coating on the inside of the front watch glass, 14 individual layers of anti-reflective coating are applied to the sapphire crystal. Each layer must be individually applied and set in a 5-hour process similar to electrolysis.

  • · Sapphire watch glass precision machined in house
  • · 1.8mm thick
  • · 14 layers of blue anti-reflective
The strongest yet softest
band we’ve ever made

Produced in FKM Rubber, fluorocarbon-based synthetic rubber with chemical resistance and durability in the harshest environments. The A13-01 features a 20mm wide midnight black FKM rubber band. Capable of lifting 15 kilograms, the Aventi rubber strap is one of the strongest in the market while still being soft to the touch.

What is FKM rubber? A fluorocarbon-based fluoroelastomer material is a synthetic rubber utilised in the aerospace and automotive industry, where the smallest O-ring can be crucial to success.

  • · Injection moulded FKM Rubber
  • · Chosen for its high chemical and heat resistance
  • · Twice as dense as natural rubber, strength tested and capable of lifting 15kg
Butterfly clasp
produced and

Custom butterfly clasp built to fit the aventi case shape, designed and made exclusively in-house, made to be secure and comfortable for everyday wear.

Using Grade 5 titanium and 316L stainless steel, we developed a butterfly clasp from the ground up and built that clasp to last generations. Every clasp component is designed, manufactured and assembled in-house for a secure feel and increased longevity. Sixteen separate pieces make up the butterfly clasp, CNC cut in house with a tolerance of 0.03mm, hand polished and assembled.

  • · Designed and produced in house, exclusively for the Aventi A13
  • · Crafted in Grade 5 titanium
  • · Printed BGW9 Super-LumiNova
The gold standard,
Super-LumiNova BGW9

Bringing the skull alive at night is Swiss-made BGW9 Super-LumiNova, glowing a vibrant blue for hours after sunset.

Super-LumiNova is a 100% Swiss made photoluminescent material that glows when charged by sunlight or artificial light. Super-Luminova was first designed during World War Two to equip military aircraft and submarines with glowing gauges and meters.

As a non-radioactive alternative to Radium, Super-LumiNova has become the gold standard in the luxury watch industry. Like a battery charged by light, as the light energy hits the material, the electrons within begin to get excited and energise rapidly, creating a luminous glow.

  • · 100% Swiss made
  • · Blue-Green glow
  • · 95% relative brightness
by its nature,
available only
by allocation.

Each piece is allocated based on strict criteria. These criteria are used to assign each piece to the best possible recipient and prevent profiteering and clients who don’t align with our family values. Aventi clients are those who have a real passion for watchmaking, those we consider true friends of the brand and respect our vision.

A watch you
never see

Rival to all, bested by none.

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